vrijdag 25 januari 2013

baby Isa

Hello everyone,

When i was in the hospital i meet a nice lady, she asked if i want to make her granddaughter in mini
of course i lake that challenge!!!
today i sent it to here, i like Isa very match.

greetings petra

donderdag 24 januari 2013

food in the dollhouse

Hello everyone,

You have see me not for a longtime, i was so long in the hospital the last time 7 weeks included christmas,
but i did a lot of thinking in that time, reading a lot and got many indea,s!!!
And just the last day,s i got the fimo virus...i make a lot of items, meat, salade, carrot,s, tomato,s, cheese,s, pizza, pudding, macarons, and pie, this is the first parts that wa sbeen ready today, the rest in still in the oven.
I was also started to paint the window,s and doors from the little shop/home.

for now greetings and have a nice day