donderdag 12 december 2013

christmas contest, win a baby

Hello everyone,  its name guess contest

Christmas is alway,s al very special time... a time with fun, familiy, nice holiday,s, christmastree,

I have make a new contest, i make a new baby and give her a name zo everyone guess her name and she is /he is the lucky winner ... you win a new special baby..... a baby at your wish    you can choice her color hair, hairstyle, color clothe,s and if you want a baby boy ore girl!!!!

i wish everybody a very special nice and christmas and alle the goods for the next new year....

good luck!!!
i like it when you leave a nice coment ore christmas wish!

greetings Petra

woensdag 4 december 2013

Hello everyone,

The last day,s i start to make clay mini,s....
and more baby,s!
The dog is for a nice lady who want a miniature of her own dog.
The cupcake,s and bonbons, cookies, eclairs are for the christmas home.
The macarons are a tryout nice for the bakery shop?
and the christmas pudding will come in the home of santa

greetings Petra

keep my site watching a new miniature baby give a way contest is coming soon.!!