donderdag 12 december 2013

christmas contest, win a baby

Hello everyone,  its name guess contest

Christmas is alway,s al very special time... a time with fun, familiy, nice holiday,s, christmastree,

I have make a new contest, i make a new baby and give her a name zo everyone guess her name and she is /he is the lucky winner ... you win a new special baby..... a baby at your wish    you can choice her color hair, hairstyle, color clothe,s and if you want a baby boy ore girl!!!!

i wish everybody a very special nice and christmas and alle the goods for the next new year....

good luck!!!
i like it when you leave a nice coment ore christmas wish!

greetings Petra

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Many christmas greetings!! Cute little baby!! :) Do you want us to guess the name?

  2. Very cute and sweet baby.
    Happy Christmas!
    Greetings, Faby

  3. yes lady,s please guess her name...the one with the good name win the baby...

  4. Hi Petra Dear!! Thanks for answering the question!! :) o, i think she looks like a little "Lotta" ! :)

    Do you like it? :)

  5. Hello Anna, i like your name but it is not the name i given her.

    i wish you good luck in the contest after the weekend i give a hint/tip about the name........ i hope you find the name i given her....

    greetings Petra

  6. Your baby is very sweet. I guess the name Pippy because of her hair :)
    Hugs Maria

  7. Hi Petra! It is wonderful to see you are back again! I lost track of your blog, I couldn't find it, but now I've found it again, and I am so happy! I am fortunate to already have received two of your mini babies, so I will leave the guessing to others. Welcome to join my mini giveaway featuring desserts made by Kim Saulter--yum yum! :-) xo Jennifer

  8. Que esta navidad y el 2014 estén repletos de momentos mágicos para ti y los tuyos
    __/.◒ ► ◒.\ ░ Felices░ ♪¸☆´.•´
    __\....★… /_____-_░fiestas░ ♫ ☆.•´
    ___ ░░░.•´

  9. Dear Anne, Fabiola, Ma Jose and Chris will you email me your adress
    and your wiss i make a special baby for you... christmas time is gone away but in the thought of that i will make for all of you a baby
    And Jeniffer if you like i will make a baby for you to.... ore some tings else (flowers, Ore cupcake,s let me now what you like)

    with the best wishes for this new year 2014 for you all
    hugs Petra