zondag 26 mei 2013

new flower baby,s

Hello everyone,

Here are now new flowerbaby,s, some baby,s i can,t make photo,s of them, there are gone to new adress, baby Rose is goinging to live in Schotland.

donderdag 16 mei 2013

new baby,s, flower baby,s

Hello Everyone,

I made the last week new baby,s and more baby,s are on the way, i have a lot of ideas and work them out now, look here are the first two new flower baby,s shamrock billy, and lavender Lilly.

greetings Petra

zondag 5 mei 2013

roof, tiles, inside and outside


I am has more items made for the shop and the roof tiles, and floor upstair,s and gardenflowers, i made a wisteria and butterfly flower, i love to do that, flower making.
I made for the shop inside, bottels, and a iron basket filled with old brcante cards from Paris, pictureframe with picture,  i have idea,s enough .....but the time........... i want 48 ours on a day! you to?

greetings and hug....