dinsdag 10 april 2012

Hello dear followers/friends,

Warm welcome to my new followers! I love you comments!

A longtime i was buzzy to make a snow family from merino wool, because i was so many times in the hospital it,s now just finishd for my winterproject (a iceskating lake near by a small town)

Greetings Petra

6 opmerkingen:

  1. How cute, Petra! Very adorable! :-) Jennifer

  2. They look wonderful!!that will surely be a beautiful scene! Your little package is on its way!!! Hope you get it soon!!! ;)

  3. Hoi Petra,
    Ik ben hier terecht gekomen na je inschrijving op de giveaway (die overigens tot 29 april loopt ;-)) en zodoende kan ik nu volger bij jou worden. Wat maak je mooie dingen!!
    Groetjes Nancy